A Winter Wonderland in Canmore

On the morning of February 14th the town of Canmore woke up to a perfect blanket of snow. We couldn’t go wrong in the Rocky Mountain landscape that was surrounding us. It was the most ideal condition for a winter wonderland wedding. We had been looking forward to Vee and Clarke’s wedding for months and the day had finally arrived. I’m sure they had felt the same way.

      After the anticipation of hair doing and shoe shining, we headed over to the Cornerstone Theatre which held the most perfect rustic décor. There was much effort put into making this day beautiful and it showed. The low lighting didn’t stop the ceremony from creating a fun atmosphere. Laugher spread throughout the hall that contained genuine love for the couple standing at the alter. It was an amazing experience to witness a wedding that affected each person in the room. Various friends and members of the family beautifully carried out the meaningful ceremonies. It was powerful to capture.

      The sun burst through the windows in the front lobby as the ceremony came to a close. We all headed to a spot inside the busy town that was somehow lacking tourists. There were a few toques that poked out from the treetops but not enough to block the scenery in front of us. The mountains reflecting inside the still water made for the perfect backdrop. We stayed in place taking copious amounts of family and bridal party photos with the celebrations never lifting.

      With the clock on our side, we took Vee and Clarke up the mountains and scouted out some of the most beautiful locations we’ve ever been to. It was worth the drive. We trekked through the snow, climbed on top of our cars, and found some ideal spots. Though we had to jump back into the car a few times to get warm again, it was all part of the adventure of a winter wedding. We even got some food for the way thanks to a Vee’s mom and one of Clarke’s groomsmen.

      It was a good thing we made our way back down the mountain a little earlier than we had anticipated.  We had accidentally forgotten Vee’s bouquet near a reservoir (oops) so we shimmied back up the way we came. We all knew a reception was not complete without a bouquet toss. Once we had retraced our steps and found her flowers, Vee and Clarke fell asleep for the rest of the way back to the reception hall. As fun as weddings are, they can be quite exhausting. But this doesn’t stop us from doing a little dancing.

      To top off the already fantastic day we had been having, we had a quick meal, followed by a little time to run around and capture all of the guests’ lovely dancing skills. The laughter never seized for a moment. The crowd was having a great time and so were we. In our element, great things happen and we couldn’t have been more honored to be a part of it.

      The day we had been so anxiously waiting for had come to a close. But from what I’ve learned, taking photos is only twenty percent of the process. At least we get to relive it. Let the editing begin.

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