Wedding Photography

11Every wedding event is unique and requires detailed plans in order for the photographer to be able to capture all of the special moments.

Wedding Photography services from Red Plains Photography will capture every moment of your wedding so you can cherish your special day forever.

Your wedding day is too important to leave the photography to an amateur.The moments you will want to cherish on your wedding day will be in their hundreds. We are there to capture those moments for you, with images that will be shared with your family and generations to come.

In a few years after your wedding has long passed, you and your spouse will sit down on a Sunday afternoon and pull out the box of photos from that day and remember everything.

You’ll remember how you were calm and didn’t feel nervous until you finished getting dressed and saw yourself in the mirror. Or how your mother started to tear up, trying her best not to cry and ruin her makeup – because it finally hit her that you’re really getting married.

You’ll see the photos of your closest friends all dressed up – because they clean up well – and that feeling of being surrounded by the people most important in your life – all there for your wedding day.And you won’t think about your photographers, you might not even remember them. And that’s okay. Because your photos are about you – and not who made them.

You’ll sit there holding hands with your spouse and re-live a little of that anxious energy you felt on your wedding day. Because these are your wedding photos and you look amazing.

Our team of professional photographers will take the time to find out exactly what you want from your photographs. Be it candid shots of your pre-wedding preparations, or beautifully posed formal prints and videography – they will discuss all the available wedding products and services so you can tailor the service to suit your desired style and budget.As the day unfolds, our experienced team will capture your own unique story, giving you the opportunity to relive your wedding day over and over again.

Our full time photographers have many years of experience in all forms of high-end photography, with all images photographed in high resolution and all of our cameras equipped with the latest professional technology. All images are edited using state of the art studio software.

We provide all edited images with full resolution and quality on a personalized disc for you. Furthermore, you will also receive the full copyright to the images of your wedding day, allowing you to share your special day however you wish.Once agreed, the date is yours and our team will arrange to meet you to discuss any specific requirements you may have, further enabling you to relax and enjoy a peace of mind on the magical day.Booking with us is just the start of our journey with you.

We provide pre-wedding meetings to cover every angle, from a pre wedding photo shoot through to your dress rehearsal.We are as passionate about your wedding as you are.No two weddings are ever the same, so no two photographic sessions will ever be the same either. However some photographers treat weddings like they’re part of a conveyor belt. Fortunately that’s not the service you’ll get here.

You will be in contact with your own wedding coordinator who will ensure that all the options available to you are explored and you are completely happy with what happens next.To book “Red Plains Photography” as your wedding photographer, contact us at 403-614-3688