Victoria, BC

The sun broke over the ocean and peaked through the window of the room I was sleeping in. It was time to take photos. At the crack of dawn Colin and I stumbled out of his house to a view any Albertan wishes they wake to. The clouds humming over the mountains, the fog steeped like a tea that welcomes you in the morning. We were off to Gold Stream Park.

British Columbia is natural a rain forest. Wet, green, and full of warm lighting. On our way to the hike we shared stories of our childhood, about the good things we take for granted in our lives, and about how important it is to capture every moment together. We were off to take photos at the Trestle train bridge. Standing 600ft tall I couldn’t wait to feel my feet walking over every plank of wood.
The incline of the hike was steep but the reward was great. Standing above a valley and waterfall we watched the sun light the century old bridge. We sat and enjoyed everything the world could offer us.

On our way down, the light began to warm through the trees and created some spectacular photos. We were able to enjoy our environment in a whole new light. Shooting her Victoria was a treasure chest. I was able to create things I never had the opportunity to create in Calgary.

The trees gave a perspective of how tiny we were as we stood underneath them. With every shutter of the camera, with every creative spark that leaked from me, I thought to myself “Art is long, and life is fleeting.” How blessed I am to live the way I do.

As a wedding photographer in Calgary I’m always looking for new angles and unique landscapes to photograph.

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