New Years Eve 2014

A New Years Eve well spent is one running around with your camera. We had the privilege of attending Braedon and Kelsey’s wedding on that sunny winter day. Clicking with them from the very first meeting was a hint that we were in for some fun. We were excited to experience the celebration of a wedding on a holiday.

      The ceremony was beautifully pieced together. The light was perfect, letting the option of creative shots reign free. It’s an amazing feeling to do the importance of the ceremony justice. Sometimes we feel restricted, not wanting to be invasive of the guests or distract from the importance of the moment. This time the space was big enough to walk around in without taking away from the bride and groom. It was an ideal situation

      Once the ceremony was over and the receiving line had gone through, we left to Fish Creek for the family and bridal party photos. Luckily it wasn’t as cold as it could have been, but standing outside in anything less than a winter coat for even a few hours can be tough. So leaving the comfort of the warm church foyer took a dedicated group of great people.

      To distract from the freezing fingers and toes, there was plenty of laughter involved. It’s always an awesome moment for a photographer when you can get a crowd to loosen up and laugh with everyone. Let’s face it; being the subject of a photograph is not always the most comfortable place to be. But being surrounded by your loved ones on such a big day can bring about even the smallest of smiles. They were all focused on what truly mattered that day. Having the same sense of humor didn’t hurt anyone either.

      When the family left for warmer places, Evan and I got a couple of hours with Braedon and Kelsey.  They were a blast to photograph. It’s always a great thing to see a couple that laughs with each other and shows genuine affection without being shy. This is the element that made photographing them a breeze. It’s a treat when the only challenge is the dark lighting. Both of them were easy to direct but to capture them spontaneously was where the truly great photographs were taken. Despite the cold of the evening, these true Calgarian’s were troopers while strolling the streets of downtown in wedding attire.

      Arriving at the Peace Bridge was an exciting moment knowing that these were shots we had never tired before. Modern architecture wasn’t something either of us had photographed much of. Working with the lines and the symmetry of the structure made for some amazing photographs. And when the colors of the sunset hit the icy water below, we knew it was only a matter of time before the light went completely out. Those moments of anticipation were the best photos of the day. It was thanks to Braedon and Kelsey for leading us there that we captured the photos they wanted and got to experience something new for ourselves as well.

      As the day was nearing its end at the reception, the clock was also counting down the hours to another New Year. What an amazing thing to enter another year celebrating the love of a couple. With great food and a lot of dancing we knew we could leave them with satisfied grins. We could finish off the day knowing there was a crowd of loved ones enjoying the last moments of 2014 with a couple that deserves all the happiness in the world.

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