Iceland Day 1









Months we had spent preparing for Iceland and we were only footsteps away from exiting the plane. You see the travel bug had bitten us some years ago and as we walked onto the tarmac icy winds and a torrential downpour forced us to lean into the wind as we walked. A smile crossed my face as I felt the fulfilling wish of a 14 year kid who dreamed of travelling.

Iceland is 6 hours ahead of Calgary which isn’t a horrible jet, unless you were too excited to sleep for two nights consecutively. Needless to say we were exhausted but that wasn’t going to stop us from taking photos in the downtown of Reykjavik.

Each building was another masterpiece of graffiti which so elegantly displayed itself above a coffee shop. After quickly eating we set out to check out Hallgrímskiekja Church. It was as if Hallgrímskiekja was straight out of Lord of the Rings. It’s tall white beams striking upwards looked as if the castle of Gondor of Lord of the Rings had taken its inspiration right from Iceland itself. Inside gaping windows and gothic arches held the stone ceiling above. Religious or not, this building inspired a trembling awe in you.

Barely able to keep our eyes open we stumbled back to our cozy apartment that we were renting on airbnb. Playing cards and dozing off, we all crumbled into a sleeping coma by 7:00 pm knowing only the sooner we went to bed, the earlier our adventure would continue.









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