Calgary Lifestyle Photographers-Iceland – Part 2

With a stiff cup of coffee and a fog that engulfed the entire south west of the island, we set off for our adventure to circumnavigate the Iceland. Our first stop was Kirkjufell mountain. Standing at 463 meters, it holds itself right on the border of the ocean. We were like kids in a playground jumping around with excitement. We spent the first few hours in front of the in the Kirkjuefellfoss waterfalls surrounding Kirkjufell. The wind blew water up against us, and with every photo I took a micro-fibre cloth to my lens to dry it off. It made every shot nearly impossible. But I wasn’t upset. I was only overwhelmed with excitement to be in Island.

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Our  next stop was Grundarfjörður where our lives would be changed forever by a hotdog. We casually drove up to a hot dog stand and ordered the Fjourglar (beans, nachos, onions, fried onions, chili ketchup, and sweetmustard). At first bite it was bliss The lamb and prok hot dogs had us at hello. For the next 11 days we ate 15 hot dogs each. If you go to Iceland, you can live off of these things.

As we made our way to our next accommodations we drove miles of wastelands coverage is black sand, pummel rock, and ash. Despite its barren look, it was nonetheless beautiful. Virginia piped up, looked at me and said, “I want photos here.” She jumped out of the car and put on a dress. In the icelandic setting, with fog, mountains, volcanoes and black beaches she looked stunning.

As she walked out into the barren ash-land we posed her all around the rocks and moss. It was so beautiful to finally be shooting in a foreign environment. As we posed every photo differently we could feel the inspiration coming out of the landscape. The red dress stood out with such contrast that we felt a new style flowing out of how we shoot as photographers.
After an hour of shooting it was time to get Virginia inside to warm up and arrive at our accommodations. It was the most adventure filled day we had yet had but it wasn’t over. As we drove to the farm we would be staying at we drove precariously on a gravel road. To our right was a lake and to our left as dozens of waterfalls one after another. We were driving through a valley that would lead us to one of the most beautiful nights we would have. We pulled up to a little house in the valley where we were greeted by the kindest family I had yet met. They served us a tea and toast at 9:00 at night but before we were able to settle in, the father of the house invited us for a walk on their property.
As we made our way through the sheep on his field, and crossed a little stream, we were expecting a short tour of their valley. As the fathers kids skipped along the father turned straight for the mountain beside his house. As he began to climb we looked dauntingly at the mountain. While his sons ran up the mountain we dragged ourselves up into one of the most beautiful views I had ever seen. We stood at the face of a ten tier waterfall that fell straight into the mountain. The icelandic man told us about how important the  waterfall was to the valley. That he had build a generator that powered all the electricity in the valley and provided clean water for his house. The sun sat at a perpetual sunset at 11:00 as the sun would not set this time of year, I felt I had made one of the most valuable relationships I had ever made. I admired this icelandic father for the way he respected his valley, the way he loved his sons, and the way he gave us one of the most incredible nights of our lives.


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