About Us

18A wedding is one of the most auspicious special days in a person’s life. And photographing that day, to cherish the memories years after is something that any couple would expect in excellence, because ‘Hey, you can’t have re-takes’

Red Plains Photography is a full time professional wedding photographer. We have an expertise in this field of photography to deliver optimum quality pictures, in both content and creativity, to our clients.Our Wedding Photographer is expert in blending in with your wedding party, shooting in an unobtrusive reportage style, watching and recording the day as it unfolds.

At Red Plains Photography we are aware that some formal shots will be required at most weddings, these we execute with minimum fuss allowing you to get on with your wedding day.The completed wedding album is then an exceptional story of your day holding images and memories which will become a unique treasure to share and reminisce for years to come.

Our goal is to take the most amazing photographs at every wedding. Our approach is not about endless group shots, nor setting up things. It’s all about telling the story of your day in a special and unique way as it unfolds.

We aim to provide you with a stunning collection of unique and artistic photographs that truly captures the spirit of your day, so you can treasure those memories forever.We capture the love, emotion and passion of your most awaited day and craft it into a beautiful story by anticipating moments by being quiet, unobtrusive and invisible as a photographer.

We talk to the couple beforehand to understand what they have in mind for the big day. Relational by nature, we deeply value the life-long friendships we develop with our couples.Please feel free to give us a call on 403-614-3688