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Our Snapshots Talk to you!

As Calgary Wedding Photographers, we believing in defending every memory of your wedding from fading away over time so that you may experience your wedding day for decades to come. It’s our joy to be able to give you the opportunity to re-live your wedding at every glance of your wedding photos. In every photo we strive to give you something so tangible and so genuine it justifies the deep love your wedding embodies. For every laugh, every first kiss, and for every awful dance move we’ll be there. This is what we do.
As Committed Calgary wedding photographers this gift we give you is our privilege.

Engagement Photography

Calgary Engagement Photography

Engagement photos do just that. Engagement photography is the perfect opportunity to show the world how in love you.

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Wedding Photography

Calgary wedding photographers

The moments you will want to cherish on your wedding day will be in their hundreds. We are there to capture them all for you.

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Calgary Wedding photography

When it comes down to it, these are your photos of your lives. And that’s why it’s important to us.

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5 stars

I have known both photographers for quite a long time and has seen them progress in their work over the years. They are both truly talented. I have had personal portrait sessions with Red Plains Photography more than once and have never been disappointed. They are professional, good with direction and location. They have a vision for their photography that is unique, unmatched and breath-taking.

Rayne Madeleine
5 stars

Virginia and Evan have a way of making you feel beautiful with every picture that they take. Their skill and ability to work together not only allows for a real connection between the photographer and the person/people being photographed, but it also allows for a natural atmosphere of comfortability and an assurance that these two wonderful, talented, down-to-earth individuals truly do bring out the best and the beautiful in everybody. They have an eye for seeing the beauty in things that would most often be overlooked by others, allowing them to capture real, raw beauty. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Alyssa Sautner
5 stars

I love the way this guys see photography, that reflects it on the awesome job the do and all the say in their pictures without a word! Highly Recommended for ANY of your events, they are serious, loyal, honest and friendly people.

Maya L.